Friday, December 2, 2011

From Thanksgiving to Christmas Party

        So things are coming to a close now. I find myself running around like crazy to get everything done. Sorry its been a few weeks since my last post, but ive been really busy haha.
       Anyway Thanksgiving was really cool here we had about 60 people and it was really fun. The food was amazing, i think i must have gained about 10 pounds haha. We did the thanksgiving in the werkstatt which is at the church. We watched the packers vs lions game as well, whats thanksgiving without football :-) 
       Currently they ran out of heating oil at the bible college, so pray that it comes soon so the students arn't freezing. Always be keeping the bible college finances in your prayers too. As the semester is winding down, it seems like it always winds up because there is so much to do. We are now done with our christmas party, and are now gearing up towards graduation. All students are now working on there finals, and are working really hard, so keep the students and teachers strength and energy in your minds as well.
        Graduation is always a big event, all the graduates this year are German, and off campus students, only 3 , which is good for us, cause its not that many people we have to say goodbye too ;-) but still saying goodbye to any students knowing we arn't going to be seeing them for awhile is always hard. This week me and Patrick have to move out of our little apartment, it being included with the cafe rent, the bible college is getting rid of both, so we have to be out of there. So im packing everything up this weekend :-( With this alot of cleaning is involved too, cause we want to leave the place better then we found it, leaving a good witness :-)  Again next semester with the cafe being at the church cafe just pray everything goes smoothly with this, as well as with everything that is involved with this change over.
          Couple things happened this past week, Arne are director got into a bike accident and has a huge black eye, and 2 broken fingers. He also has 2 little children and im sure this is tough on his wife as well as him at this time, so pray for this whole situation. Then we had the christmas party, and getting the college ready for christmas too so that has been on the upside.
          So in closing, my flight back to america is on Dec 15th, i will be back for 3 and a half weeks, and leaving again on the 11 of January getting into germany at the 12th. SO i will see all you guys back in america soon, but seeing as this will be a month apart for me and Sara, please pray that the Lord would strengthen us at this time. Also, pray for my wisdom with dealing with time management, as well, as managing all that i have to with bible college, Sara, Taxes, Work, and everything i have to do for my personal spiritual life too.
         Thank you guys, and many blessings in the Holiday season

         Chris :-)


  1. Hey Hope to see you soon... I hope all is stilll going well. thanks for the update.
    -Justin B.

  2. no problem man, anytime... see you next week maybe :-D