Friday, January 13, 2012

the latest

for those of you that dont keep up, or have me on facebook, im very sorry about not updating this. As the semester came to a close it was very busy.
First off lets get to thanks giving!!! it was so amazing, loved it so much, but then again setting me up in a place where i can eat as much as i want, it shouldnt surprise anyone that i had a great time. It was lots of food and fellowship, and fun.
Then the next step was graduation and the end of the semester. When graduation came it was hard for anyone to believe the semester had gone by so fast. We had 3 graduates, which its not that much, but that also means we will have more returning students this semester.
As ive had you guys praying, ive been asking you to pray about many things, first after the semester we completely cleared out the cafe due to us moving the cafe to a new location. So as we cleaned it out, needless to say that a bunch of dust was kicked up, and next thing you know, chris has a big old cold.
That brings me to being home in the states. I came back with a cold, and was sick pretty much the whole first week i was there. After not being home for about a year it was great to see all of my family and old friends again. This time was really hard on both me and Sara this being our first time apart for along time, but we got through it.
during my time back i had the missions meating with the missions direktor carlos from Calvary Philly. He told me they will bring my needs before the missions board and see what they could do for me. So i felt very optimistic with this. As well i will be setting myself up as a missionary with shepherd staff so that way when people donate money to me, they will be able to get a tax right off for it as well.
Until then if anyone feels compelled to donate before i finish this(it could be a couple weeks) the way to do that would be to go trumark financial and make a deposit in account 613612. Or mail a check to 2719 fernwood ave, Roslyn, Pa, 19001 and my father will put it in my account, or just give it to someone in my family :-) they will know what to do.
So it seemed as soon as i stepped off the plane, it was time to get back on another one.
So now im back at the bible college again, please pray for the situation with my cell phone, more stuff is comming up. As well as my blitz that i have to pay. As well Sara's sister hannah is getting a pacemaker battery put in today she is 3 years old pleeeaaassee pray for her.
Pastors conference is comming up, but until thursday i have some free time.
I promise i will be updating this weekly once again, again sorry the end of the semester just got a bit hectic :-)
grace and peace guys

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