Saturday, March 31, 2012

Shepherd Staff

So again as always, it has been a little while since i updated the blog. Currently as you guys might remember, my biggest prayer request was financial support, and to get set up with Shepherd Staff, the missions organization. Currently I was denied at Shepherd Staff because i wasn't officially sent out as a missionary by Calvary Philly. Calvary Philly has the heart for church planting, and since i am not doing that, my situation is alittle different then most missionaries. I now have 2 emails out to 2 different missions organizations(Go Ministries and Saving Grace World Missions) please pray that the Lord will open the door for one of these organizations to accept me.
As always guys, thank you so much for your prayers and continued support, it really means a lot. I should be comming out with another letter this week or next to explain all of what has been going on in the last month.
I still havn't figured out how to post it on here, but if someone knows let me know, but until i figure it out, if you would like to recieve my prayer letters, please send me and email (
God Bless you guys,

Friday, March 2, 2012

Sick as a dog

Hey guys things have been pretty crazy around here. Currently i have the cold which has been going around the bible college, it is no fun. This effects my work here, as well as my relationship to the students and Sara. When i'm sick, all i want to do is get better, they say misery likes company, but for me, i like to be alone when i ain't feeling good. Anyway the Shepherd's Staff interview i had went well, the man who interviewed me Jeff Jackson was very nice, and now he has to talk to Carlos my missions director, currently Carlos is in Uganda, so it will be a little whiole till i hear back from them, so just please keep them in your prayers, as well that this will also determine how i get support from others, and Calvary Philly, SO please keep it in your prayers. Besides that, Sara is not happy that theres alot of stress when there is a pile of work, bills, and everything, and im sick. Please pray that the Lord gives me strength to get through all this.
As far as the bible college goes, everything is going well, here, we just had our class outing to Bonn, where we went to Museum it was a lot of fun. Always keep the student's and the staff in your prayers, there is a few students here i know that are under alot of attack right now, as well as a few staff, im not going to mention names or stories, but just be keeping us all in your prayers. As far as things go around here, 2 of the showers are currently under construction do to water damage, the insurance covers it, but it is an incovienience, and needs prayer as well. Also just general upkeep around here is a big prayer request, we have been having problems with one of our vans, as well as the computers around here, so up keep is a big request.
Besides the above mentioned things, things are going well around here, and once this sickness is over, i will be doing alot better too haha.
Thank you as always for all of your prayer and support.
PS i don't know how to post documents on here, but i just came out with my February missions letter, if any of you would want a copy i can email it to you.