Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Speaker Week

(Raphael and Rob)
           So speakers week went really well, we had 2 great speakers Raphael Manzinarez
who is the director of the bible college in Mallorca, Spain, and Rob Dingman
who is a missionary to London, England. Rob taught on the importance of
dilligence, and Raph about the holy spirit, and ways that we can grieve, and
quench the holy spirit, both were really convicting, and amazing to hear. I hope
to see if we can get the sessions up and online so that you guys might get a
chance to hear them as well, Prayer requests for the 2. Raph is hoping that the Lord will bless him and his wife Loretta with a child, so pray for that, and also with Rob for the missionary work in England, currently they are looking for a new church building.
           Other than that the week flew by, with dinner with Sara's family. To keggeln (german bowling) on thursday, it went really quick, sadly though yet another cold has swept through the bible college, and this time i got it, i was even sick on my birthday thursday haha. Anyway though please pray for the health of the bible college as colds are very nasty here at the school. Also, in reguards to health, yesterday Arne are director was nearly hit by a car while he was on his bike, but in missing the car he stopped really fast, flew over the handlebars, and now has 2 broken fingers, and  black eye. I am driving him to a doctors appointment this afternoon.
          This Friday now is thanksgiving here at the bible college, and is always a big thing here. We will be serving 55 people, and its just such a nice time. With this though there is alot of work to be done, so please pray for this, and for Karen who is heading the whole thing up. Pray as well that we all that have colds will be over it by the time friday rolls around.
         Financially the bible college isn't doing well, it is listed in my prayer requests already, but i really want to ephasise how much the bible college needs prayer for this. As well in reguard to finances, i mentioned earlier about my cell phone troubles, and well i talked to the company, and they said they would give me a 100euro credit, but with this they could have just been messing with me over the phone. I go in and pay this thursday, so please keep me in your prayers with this.
        With paintball, the event was cancelled, the church told me last minute they werent comfortable with having us go and playing a "war game" which i respect the discision, and will abide by it. Pray we find other ways either this semester, or next semester to connect the youth/ church more with the bible college.

       Well thats it for now, keep praying guys, and God bless you all, hope to be back in philly around the 16 or 19th of Dec. for all of my friends back home.
     Grace and Peace

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