Saturday, November 12, 2011

Getting Started

Well after a long time, of not being able to keep in contact with you guys all at the same time. Pretty much everybody out here i talked to about this issue told me that making a blog is the easiest way, So here it is :-)

SO if i havn't talked to you at all in about a year, please remember, that doesn't mean that i don't care, with everything i have going on out here, its just really tough.

So when i came out here alittle while ago, january, it was the last semester of my internship here. During that time i worked with the A/V aspect of things here at the college, and it was a really great semester, it was hard to say goodbye to old friends, some who have been here for 2 years, but i know the Lord will bless them as they are on there way.
After the semester i went to Austria which was amazing. I wasn't able to find work back home, so i feel that was the best option for the summer, and the Lord blessed it so i guess it was :-) So with this i was working with James Gucciardo (the guy who set up the phone system to call to America) doing electrical work, it was a great summer. Thats also where i met my girlfriend Sara :-)
Now though we are halfway through another semester of bible college. after the castle i came back again to work here at the bible college in Siegen, Germany. This semester my duties are grounds duties once again so it was alot of work getting all the leaves up this semester, most of the time, as soon as i was done blowing the driveway down, i would have to do it again haha. Most of the leaves are down though, so im getting alittle bit of a break now. My other duty here is teaching the Men's Discipleship class. With this we are going through the book of Joshua, and learning from him, and the others in the book how to be better men of God ( im currently trying to figure out a way to link my classes to my blog so you guys can hear the teaching as well).
Also i was able to lead an outreach this semester, we went down to Freiburg, which is south west . It was a very amazing outreach, and we had a great time fellowshipping at the church and teaching the wednesday night service, leading a homegroup, and then teaching the Friday night youth group as well ( I lead thats one) .
Outside of that, we had amazing times on the streets doing street witnessing, and as well, one day we were extremely tired, and really weren't up to going up and talking to people, so the Lord actually brought people to us!! this usually dosn't happen, but people were coming up to us, asking us questions and were generally interested. It was so cool!!
So as i mentioned before, we are over the half way point for the semester. This week comming up is speakers week. We have 2 speakers coming in from different areas, Rob Dingman who is an american missionary out in England, and also Raphael (i don't know his last name yet) who is the dean of the campus in mallorca, Spain. So please pray for there safe arrival here.
So far it is looking like i will be flying back around the 18th of December the date isn't final yet, but it should be around that time, it will be nice to see everyone again, and to spend christmas with the family.
i love all of you guys, and please forgive me for not keeping in contact the best.

So that is basically what has been going on in a nutshell, here, i hope to steadily update this once a week. If you want more information, or want me to add you to my mailing list for my missions letters, please let me know on facebook, or email me ( )

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